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95% Handicap Allowances

One of the most debated parts of the World Handicap System is being discussed globally and at the highest level.

The 95 per cent handicap allowances for individual stroke play and Stableford competitions in the World Handicap System is being reviewed by the game’s governing bodies.

In NCG’s From the Clubhouse podcast, Gemma Hunter, England Golf’s head of handicapping and course rating, said discussions were taking place at a global level.

The allowance, which can influence the shots received by golfers in competitions only as part of the Playing Handicap but does not affect the score entered for a player’s WHS index, has been much criticised in some quarters.

Its aim, though, was to achieve equity – to ensure when everyone is playing together that each player in the field has an equal chance of success in the competition.

Hunter said England Golf were constantly reviewing how WHS is working in the nation and there was an “ongoing debate” over 95 per cent.

“Statistically, we have looked at it and said, ‘Is it right, or is it not right?’ We’re having that discussion at a world level.

“So we’re not leaving it at 95 per cent and that’s it. We’re having the discussion, we’re saying, ‘Let’s have a look at the data. Let’s have a look at the stats.’

“It’s not going to go away but we are going to keep reviewing it and looking at it.”

She added on the evolution of 95 per cent: “It’s always been there, so 95 per cent isn’t new. It’s just now visible. In the old CONGU system we used to have something built into how we did the annual review, which was called Bonus for Excellence and it was exactly the same principle.

For more details see the link 95% H/C Allowances being Reviewed

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