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Hopeman Golf Club

SAFE WORKING PRACTICE Use of 2 or 4 Seater Buggies

1. General

The hirers and owners of 2 and 4 seater golf buggies have a duty of care to all people on the golf course and the club’s premises. This duty of care includes the safe operation of a golf buggy by the operator to ensure the safety of him or herself, other buggy users, other golfers and the golf club’s staff.

The topography of certain areas of the course is such that extreme caution and prudence must be shown by the buggy operator.

To assist with the safe use of buggies all operators (members and visitors) should comply with the following general conditions:

 1.1 Buggies must be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety of other people on the golf club’s premises. People on foot must be afforded the right of way at all times. Buggies hired from the club should not be operated outside of the golf club’s premises.

1.2 The signs and instructions shown on the course (including roped and hooped off areas) or communications relayed to buggy users by the shop to warn buggy users of areas to be avoided because of the potential to cause injury, damage to or unacceptable wear and tear of hired buggies or damage to the course, must be followed at all times. Different rules may be applied to 2 and 4 seater buggies in inclement weather and/or poor conditions The main considerations here are the safety of all golfers and secondly the risk of course damage, eg. tyre and skid marks from buggies.

1.3 Buggies must be operated and parked in such a way that they do not impede or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular flow on roadways, car parks, ramps, pavements or other areas in the vicinity of the clubhouse.

1.4 Operators of hired buggy users will be responsible for the security of ignition keys for the duration of the hire period.

1.5 No buggy should be operated in excess of 15km per hour. Any speed limits must be observed.

1.6 Buggies should only be used during daylight hours.

1.7 Operators must stop the buggy at any blind intersections and proceed with caution.

1.8 The consumption of alcohol and/or the improper use of drugs when using a buggy is strictly forbidden.

1.9 Only those that are aged 17 years or older and hold a full, valid driving license can operate a buggy. Minors can be passengers in a buggy providing the above stipulation is met.

1.10 Buggies should only be used for the number of occupants it was designed to carry and only by people who are authorised to use one.

1.11 For days with a hard and/or white frost buggies will not be allowed on to the course until the frost has cleared. As a guideline this may be around 11am. The Head Greenkeeper will inform the  shop or the Manager when buggies are allowed.

1.12 The Club Manager has the authority to immediately prohibit any individual from using or being carried on a buggy.

1.13 Hopeman Golf Club accepts no responsibility or liability for ensuring the safe operation of buggies on the golf club’s premises or beyond its boundaries. The Club also accepts no responsibility or liability for injury or damage caused by buggy operators or passengers.

2. Before Use

 A buggy shall only be used for the number of occupants it was designed to carry and only by people who are authorised to use one.

3. During Use

3.1 Do not move off until the occupants are seated.

3.2 Always remain seated and hold on while the vehicle is in motion.

3.3 Hands, feet and head must be kept inside the buggy at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

3.4 Buggies must not be driven in prohibited areas and should use paths where provided.

3.5 Buggies must be used to progress the game and must not be driven up and down excessively, eg. when looking for golf balls.

3.6 Buggies must not be driven on to tees, greens, the slopes leading up to them or between green side bunkers and greens.

3.7 The vehicle must not be used within 2 metres of any bunkers, ditches or slopes leading to them.

3.8 Check the area behind the vehicle before reversing.

 3.9 Set the parking brake before leaving the vehicle.

3.10 Always consider the terrain as well as the environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the vehicle safely:

- Drive the vehicle only as fast as the terrain and safety considerations allow.

- To avoid tipping over, drive the buggy straight up and down slopes.

- Slow down before corners with reducing speed for any turns.

- Avoid sudden stops or changes in direction that may result in loss of control.

- Be extra careful when the course is wet and muddy.

4. After Use

4.1 Return and park the vehicle as instructed, turn the operating key to the off position and engage the parking brake. Remove and return the key to the shop or as directed.

Trevor Mearns 9th March 2023

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