Hopeman Golf Club

Equality Policy

Statement of Intent

Hopeman Golf Club is committed to the equitable and fair treatment of all members, guests, visitors, volunteers and present and potential employees.  We are determined to ensure that every person regardless of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or religious conviction has a genuine opportunity to participate to their full potential at all levels and in all roles within the club.

Legislative Framework

The Hopeman Golf Club will comply with its statutory obligations under the terms of all relevant Scottish, UK and European legislation.


The Hopeman Golf Club Equality Policy aims to ensure that:

  • The Secretary will review the Equality Policy on an annual basis to establish and assess progress towards its aims and objectives, and to ensure the Club’s processes, systems and actions are continually improving.


In accordance with the Hopeman Golf Club’s Code of Conduct, Disciplinary and Grievance Policy and Procedures, we will investigate any reports of alleged breaches of our Equality Policy and take appropriate disciplinary action based on the outcome of the investigation.  Any complaint or grievance will be dealt with via the appropriate policy and procedures, e.g.  Disciplinary Procedure, Grievance Procedure.


The Hopeman Golf Club reserves the right to limit competition to specific age, gender or disability groups where this is necessary to ensure equitable, safe and fair competition. It may also be necessary on occasion to apply specific conditions to potential or actual staff and volunteers which are necessary for the proper performance of any work or tasks involved.

Review Date December 2021

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