Hopeman Golf Club

Medal Best 3 from 6 Rd 5

Saturday 2nd September
Hopeman Golf Course, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

Entry Fee £4.00 per Person on all Saturday Competitions.

£1.00 to Prize Fund, £1.00 to Two's Sweep, £1.00 Competition Prizes

50p to admin, 50p to the 'Race To....' Fund.

Please sign in on the Touch Screen before comencement of play.

Medal Best 3 from 6 Rd 5

Saturday 2nd September 2023, White Tees, Hopeman Golf Course

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Alan Noble(22) 59
2nd Mark Walker(12) 63
3rd Graham Main(11) 63
4th Berti Schiavone(8) 64
5th Charles Thompson(18) 65
6th Bob Main(16) 66
7th Ewan Thompson(20) 66
8th Douglas Main(5) 67
9th Les Huyton(13) 67
10th Gary Henshaw(3) 67
11th Jay Wright(19) 67
12th Malcolm Reid(7) 67
13th Peter Conn(32) 68
14th Gary Taylor(9) 68
15th Graham Mckenzie(5) 68
16th Malcolm Alexander(7) 68
17th Andrew Duncan Jnr(5) 68
18th Cameron Beattie(22) 68
19th Malcolm Brown(14) 68
20th Andy Reid(8) 69
21st Ivor Mackenzie(2) 69
22nd Danny Bowden(20) 69
23rd Callum Barrowman(16) 69
24th Derek J More(18) 69
25th Alan Ralph(20) 69
26th Scott Masson(19) 69
27th David Tazey(13) 70
28th Andrew Duncan(9) 70
29th Ernest Hayes(12) 70
30th Alastair D. Hunter(15) 70
31st Norman Bruce(15) 70
32nd Ian Litster(15) 70
33rd Garry Welsh(19) 70
34th David Hall(9) 71
35th Richard Hamilton(15) 71
36th Iain MacDonald(21) 71
37th Ronnie Grant(18) 72
38th Scott Rendall(14) 72
39th Martyn Roe(17) 72
40th William (billy) Young(23) 72
41st Martin Healer(17) 72
42nd Albert Thomas Mackenzie(-1) 72
43rd Mike Grant(11) 73
44th Malcolm Fairlie(14) 73
45th Raegan J Main(0) 73
46th Paul Rudland(22) 73
47th Allan Reid(15) 74
48th Gavyn Fidler(16) 74
49th John Black(19) 75
50th Donnie Godsman(12) 75
51st Dale Mckenzie(10) 76
52nd Cyril Hesketh(35) 76
53rd Michael Cumming(15) 77
54th William Mcintosh(12) 77
55th Neil William Paton(11) 77
56th Steven Sherry(20) 78
57th Andrew Main(9) 78
58th William Davidson(25) 79
59th Michael Croudace(17) 79
60th Michael Cameron(20) 80
61st Christopher Adams(10) 81
62nd Stephen Murray(6) 83
63rd Neil Robertson(19) NR
64th Stephen James Simpson(15) NR
65th Neil Borrie(19) NR
66th Ross Davidson(15) NR
67th Bryan Attridge(5) NR
68th Trevor Mearns(10) NR
69th Neale Dixon(16) NR
70th Grant Croudace(14) NR
71st Christopher MacKenzie(11) NR
72nd Tony Walber(12) NR
73rd James W Taylor(25) NR
74th Noel Malone(6) NR
75th Michael Lapka(15) NR
76th Michael Atkin(20) NR
77th John G Campbell(11) NR
78th Steven Adam(23) NR
79th Vincent O'Reilly(39) NR
80th Thomas Moore(12) NR
81st Timothy Dines(22) NR
82nd Daniel Henry Rudland(17) NR
83rd Cameron Mcpherson(19) NR
84th Daniel Marshall(12) NR
85th Andrew Christison(13) NR
86th Dougie McCallum(11) NR
87th Jon Whyte(21) DQ

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Open To: Men
Current Entries: 87

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