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Ardent 3 Day Open Qualifying Medal Rules

Men’s Weekly Competition Conditions &
Player’s Responsibilities
Unified Handicapping System (UHS/WHS)

The UHS/WHS is based on the premise that a player will endeavour to make the best score he/she can at each hole in every qualifying round played, and will report all such scores to their Home Club for handicapping purposes. Any player who fails to carry out any of the Responsibilities imposed by the UHS/WHS is NOT entitled to a CONGU handicap.

1. All competitions will be over 18 holes with a maximum handicap allowance of 54 Strokes for adults, unless otherwise stated.

2. All competitions will be played from the Medal Tees and start from the first hole unless otherwise stated. Playing partners within the groups are authorised markers for each other in the group.

3. Players shall start at the time laid down by the Committee. (Computer Start Sheet/Draw) If a player arrives at the starting point late, but is ready to play within five minutes after his starting time, he may proceed to play under the penalty of 2 strokes at the first hole in stroke play, or loss of first hole in match play as provided in Rule 5. Any player arriving late beyond that time will be disqualified!

4. Competitors shall remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the Committee, unless the Committee authorises or ratifies a change under exceptional circumstances. Failure to do so will result in Disqualification under rule 5.

5. The winner of the competition will be the best nett score in each division. Where there is a requirement for an overall winner; the winner will be the player with the best nett or gross score from all the players entered, whichever is appropriate. If there are 65 players or more, then a scratch prize will be awarded.

6. In the event of a tie there will be a count back of best back 9, back 6, back 3 and 1. Then, if that method fails to find a result, a repeat count back of the front 9,6,3 and 1 will take place until a winner is determined.

7. Prior to playing each competition, players are to Sign In on the Touch Screen or Personal Phone before play. After finishing each competition, players are to enter their scores, including Nil Returns, on to the Touch Screen or their Personal Phones and place their cards in the box provided, within 30 minutes of completing their round. If a player fails to Sign In or enter their score on the computer then they will be deemed to have not entered the competition and their score will not count. Players who fail to return a score will be disqualified from the competition! (If in the event of any doubtful points regarding handicap, score input, etc. the player should hand their card to a member of the staff or Club Council after completion of the round.)

8. Members who enter competitions and fail to keep their allotted tee time without giving reasonable notice will be suspended from playing in the following Saturday competition. However, if the suspended player wishes, he may enter the competition he is banned from, but on the payment of a DOUBLE FEE which will go towards Club Funds. The same will apply for a second offence, but a third offence will be considered by the Club Council
9. Entry fees will vary for different competitions, but all entry fees will be stated on the Start Sheets. All monies received will be distributed to the winners on a weekly basis or as prizes at the Annual Prize giving at the discretion of the Match Secretary.

Match & Handicap Committee
1st March 2021

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